October 05, 2018


Detoxification or detoxication is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including the human body, which is mainly carried out by the liver.


A very important topic this year has been and continues to be, the juice detox cure. Everyone wants to look good, be healthy and enjoy the benefits of seasonal vegetables and fruits.Detox juice for detox 5 days plan

But a detox cure is not something you do from hearings. It is necessary to know some basic rules, what types of combinations you can make, what is the optimal time for such cure and especially to be aware of any affection you may have. All this information will help you have a good detox cure and enjoy all the benefits of these wonderful juices.

Known, loved and appreciated by more and more people, the juice detox cure is a variant that helps us detoxify our body and liver and get rid of everything that means unnecessary colacy and excess fat. As the name says, this diet involves eating juices, fruits, herbs, vegetables, or mixes over a few days like 3 or 5.

Before a detoxification treatment, you should elimiate processed foods, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, sugar, flour, dairy, meat, eggs. Instead, fresh fruit and vegetable juices will help eliminate toxins and regenerate tissues.

A detoxifying cure does not mean starvation and is highly recommended as long as you do not deprive your body of essential nutrients. That's why three-day detoxification cures are a great benefit to the digestive system and for the whole body, and the best solution is to consume only fresh juices from fruits and vegetables. Thus, the body receives the nutrients it needs, but in a much lighter form and for which it does not have to work hard to process them.

The 5-day detox with vegetable and fruit juice works on the same principle, the enzymes contained in fruit and vegetables will help your digestive process, help you to better assimilate nutrients and gives you much energy. Antioxidants will protect your body from harmful free radicals and help the liver function properly.

It is important to try to consume the juices you make in your own kitchen just after you have prepared them.This way you know exactly what you drink. It is also important to try to combine different fruits or vegetables intelligently, the juices thus obtained will delight your senses and especially the taste buds.

You can combine two, three vegetables such as celery, carrots and spinach with lemon. Or kiwi with spinach and lemon. Also, apple and celery juices are very nutritious. Other mixes can be made from broccoli with spinach and apple or cucumber with mint and lime. Combine these juices with either chlorella or spirulina for extra energy.

Don't forget that during detoxification, the body needs rest and relax. Each body works differently and it is necessary to find the right solutions for our health.

Here are some relaxing accessories that you could use during a detox plan period: 

  • This Roller Massager can be used if you are feeling tired and stressed.
  • Duo Protein Shaker will help you keep your juice fresh and ready to drink anytime!
  • Beauty Body Essential Oil  helps to manage hunger throughout the day while supporting healthy metabolism and promoting a positive mood.

Green Juice for detox plan

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