2 in 1 Short Sleeves Neoprene Top

Maximize your calories burning with the new 2-in-1 Short Sleeves Neoprene Top!
Intense sweating and extra fat burning on the most problematic areas: tummy and arms! 
Sweating Suit Neoprene Short Sleeve
U-Shape & Zipper
  • Classic U-shape design for breast push, the zipper is easy to put on and take off after a workout or running.
  • Training abs, firm control, shape your waist. This neoprene suit for women gives you an hourglass thermal slimmer shape.

Sweating Suit Neoprene Short Sleeve

Breathable Fabric

  • Neoprene composite material, raise the temperature and generate heat to keep your body warm and help you sweat quickly.
  • Armpit Mesh fabric, comfortable and breathable to wear, suitable for Gym, Yoga, running, and hiking.

Sweating Suit Neoprene Short Sleeve

    Sweating Suit Neoprene Short Sleeve


  • FLATTEN ABDOMEN & BACK SUPPORT: The compression vest is made of Airprene, an exclusive material, that's extremely breathable, helping to both auto-regulate your body temperature and keep you comfortable for the Key areas of belly&waist&back&arms, while the thermal layer speeds up your body's calorie-burning processes.
  • SWEAT 5 TIMES MORE & BURN MORE FAT FAST & BUILDING MUSCLE: The Ultra-Sweat technology helps you eliminate toxins, speed up the calorie burning process, Burn more Abdomen fat, Stomach Rolls, Back Bulge, Produce heat in a workout wearing Weight Loss body shaper
  •  PROMOTE WEIGHT LOSS: By heating up your muscles and stimulating sweat during exercise this 2 in 1 Short Sleeves Neoprene Top will help you burn calories FIVE times more than usual which allows you to reach your body goals faster and easier, flatten your abdomen
  • COMFORT & LIGHTWEIGHT & STRETCHY: The body shaper vest is ultra-lightweight with a second-skin flexible fit, which makes it ideal workout gear, moves with your body while performing any activity
  • KEEP YOUR BODY WARM DURING COLD DAYS:  Adopt neoprene material which increases body temperature, keep warm in winter, a best warm clothing, show off your perfect body in winter with this body shaper

  • Sweating Suit Neoprene Short Sleeve
    Sweating Suit Neoprene Short Sleeve