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Cooling Towel

Our cooling towel provides a comfortable silky feel, soft, breathable, and extremely absorbent.
Cooling Towel

It's skin-friendly and chemical-free, safe for all. To use it, simply soak the towel in the water, wring out excess water, shake a few times, and use it for the instant chill! You can reuse it by repeating the steps. For better results, after you sweat, rinse the sweat from time to time as salt in your sweat reduces evaporation and cooling rate.

The cooling towel is specially developed for those who like sports or those who are engaged in sweaty work. It is easy to carry and store. It is a good helper to take it everywhere with you whether your sport is going out or at home.

Cooling Towel


  • ūüí¶ Extreme Quality: These ice-cooling towels are made with high-quality PVA fabric, soft, breathable, durable, comfortable, safe, and allergic free.
  • ūüí¶ Lightweight and Portable: Fine edge locked in detail, soft silk feel and elastic in material, our gym ice-cooling towels easily folds up & fits into a gym bag.
  • ūüí¶ Quick Dry: Special knitted textile structure makes water evaporating 3 times faster than a normal towel! Takes away more heat and dries quicker. A must-have accessory at hot summer for all kinds of sports.
  • ūüí¶ Easy to Use: The cooling towel is easy to use that you only need to soak in cold water for 1 minute, wring out excess water, slap it for few times, and then it is ready to use!
  • ūüí¶ Wide Applications and Versatile: You can use it as cooling bandana, scarf, headband, neck wrap best perfect for sports fans into golf, Yago, football, running, gym, also works for fever or headache therapy, heatstroke prevention, sunscreen protection, cooling while absorbing.
Cooling Towel
Cooling Towel


High-intensity water absorption

It uses a cold-sensing fabric with high-strength water absorption, absorbs more than twice the weight of its own weight, and has a strong ability to absorb sweat, which can eliminate the sticky feeling caused by hot sweating in the summer.

Efficient breathability

A selection of high-quality cold-dyed yarn fabrics with high-efficiency gas permeability and evaporation, internal moisture circulation of the fibers, accelerated surface moisture evaporation, taking away body heat, reducing fiber temperature, and achieving the magical cold feeling of cold towels.

Soft, light, safe and healthy

The cold towel fabric is ultra-light, another feature of cold-dyed fabrics. Ultra-light fabrics reduce the extra load during exercise, effectively cooling the body without adding any chemicals.


Cooling Towel
Cooling Towel