Sweating Suit Neoprene Short Sleeve

Maximize your calories burning with the new Sweating Suit Neoprene Short Sleeve!

Sweating Suit Neoprene Short Sleeve
This is the best sauna vest shaper like a sweatshirt that can burn abdominal fat. Do you want an Hourglass Shaping and waist training? This top shaper for women will help you lose inches fast and get the perfect waistline while shaping and contouring your arms and back fat.

U-Shape & Zipper

  • Classic U-shape design for breast push, the zipper is easy to put on and take off after a workout or running.
  • Training abs, firm control, shape your waist. This neoprene suit for women gives you an hourglass thermal slimmer shape.

Sweating Suit Neoprene Short Sleeve

Breathable Fabric

  • Neoprene composite material, raise the temperature and generate the heat to keep your body warm and help you sweat quickly.
  • Armpit Mesh fabric, comfortable and breathable to wear, suitable for Gym, Yoga, running, and hiking.

Sweating Suit Neoprene Short Sleeve

Waist Trainer Shirt for Women

  • Comfortable and breathable lightweight neoprene material for sweat.
  • Zipper design for easy on and off.
  • Correct posture, flatten abdomen, firm tummy, and love handles.

Sweating Suit Neoprene Short Sleeve


  • FLATTEN ABDOMEN & BACK SUPPORT: The compression vest is made of Airprene, an exclusive material, that's extremely breathable, helping to both auto-regulate your body temperature and keep you comfortable for the Key area belly&waist&back&arms, while the thermal layer speeds-up your body's calorie-burning processes.
  • SWEAT 5 TIMES MORE & BURN MORE FAT FAST & BUILDING MUSCLE: The Ultra-Sweat technology helping you eliminate toxins,speed-up the calorie burning process, Burn more Abdomen fat, Stomach Rolls, Back Bulge, Produce heat in a workout wearing Weight Loss body shaper
  •  PROMOTE WEIGHT LOSS & WAIST TRAINER CORSET: By heating up your muscles and stimulating sweat during exercise this Sweating Suit Neoprene Short Sleeve will help you burn calories FIVE times more than usual which allows you to reach your body goals faster and easier, flatten your abdomen
  • COMFORT & LIGHTWEIGHT & STRETCHY: The body shaper vest is ultra-lightweight with a second-skin flexible fit, which makes it ideal workout gear, moves with your body while performing any activity
  • INVISIBLE UNDER SHIRTS: sweat vest for women can be worn under a shirt, invisible slimmer during daily activities, achieving the secret slimming goal
  • KEEP YOUR BODY WARM DURING COLD DAYS:  Adopt neoprene material which increases body temperature, keep warm in winter, a best warm clothing, show off perfect body in winter with this body shaper

  • Sweating Suit Neoprene Short Sleeve
    Sweating Suit Neoprene Short Sleeve