Waist Trainer Magnetic Therapy Back Support Belt

Our Waist Trainer Magnetic Therapy Back Support Belt is designed to use an artificial magnetic field in the body’s acupoint, meridians & collaterals to give you relief from pain and other discomforts. It works by soothing meridians & collaterals and massage acupoint with the heat spell of nanomaterial contacting with the skin and the embedded magnet.

However, our belt is not meant to cure any disease but to increases blood flow and magnetic heating effect hence helping to reduce pain, relax muscles, provide a correct posture, slim your waist and reduces fatigue.

Waist Trainer Magnetic Therapy Back Support Belt


  • High elastic fiber cloth with fine texture and soft handle.
  • Vented and breathable elastic side panels.
  • Adjustable Neoprene double pull braces.
  • Nano infrared thermal acupuncture dot matrix, heating quickly while having a lasting effect on your body.
  • Easy to use, discreet, and can be used anywhere at any time.
  • Made up of permanent magnets, the bio-composite heat-chip.
  • Forms a resonant magnetic field that resonates well with the human body.
  • Elastic fiber with 4 steel plates to support back, correct the posture.
  • Brace design conforms with ergonomics ease pressure on the back to protect the spine.

Waist Trainer Magnetic Therapy Back Support Belt


INSTANT BACK PAIN RELIEF AND COMFORT - Soothe and support your tired, aching back with the Ziraki lumbar pain-relief belt that aligns, massages, and heats your back and core. Wear during everyday chores and activities, and intense sports or workouts, to protect your back and feel blessedly pain-free.

FEEL A WARM MASSAGE USING YOUR NATURAL BODY HEAT- Using tourmaline stones and permanent bread magnets, your belt gives you a warm chemical-free massage - using your own body heat to heal and relax you. The permanent magnets provide therapeutic healing benefits and fortifying properties.

WEAR IT EVERYWHERE COMFORTABLY AND DISCREETLY- Wear your brace at work, home, or the gym without anyone seeing it. Designed to be slim and light, your belt works neatly beneath your clothes without revealing a single bump or bunch. With dual adjustable straps and strong velcro grip, your brace stays securely in place as you do the most vigorous of activities. Made from breathable, elastic fabrics, you’ll never sweat or feel restricted by your lumbar pain-relief belt.

CONTOURED & FLEXES FOR CUSTOM FIT: Waist Trainer Magnetic Therapy Back Support Belt is contoured to fit around your waist comfortably and naturally flexible to adjust to your shape & size. Simply stretch it around your middle, secure the Velcro closure, and you're set.

Waist Trainer Magnetic Therapy Back Support Belt

  • Wipe the tourmaline function fabric with a wet cloth to get a better effect.
  • Put the tourmaline function fabric close to the body, fixed it on the location that needs physical therapy.
  • Adjust elasticity appropriately and leave it on the place as long as your skin can tolerate it.

Waist trainers are the best option when it comes to back pain and back support. Our Waist Trainer Magnetic Therapy Back Support Belt is a combo of the best waist trainer and back support belt for men and women.

With built-in 14 magnets: 8 pcs magnets in the waist, 6 pcs magnets in the abdomen can penetrate the skin 2-3cm, direct to protect and effect on the waist. Also, it is breathable, anti-moisture, anti-sweat; the high-quality self-heating magnets make sure your waist is kept warm.

Waist Trainer Magnetic Therapy Back Support Belt


Magnet Therapy uses the power of magnets to regenerate the atoms in our cells directly.
The magnetic power stimulates the electrons in our body and this relieves pain and
speeds up the healing process. One thing is very important and that is the proper
placement and use of this therapy. In order for it to be effective, it must be applied
near the skin and in the proximity of the acupressure area where the pain develops.

This is the total length of the belt
S = 100CM
L = 110CM
Waist Trainer Magnetic Therapy Back Support Belt