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Women's Body Shaper Girdle Crotchless Bodysuit

Get the highest level of everyday firm compression with this shapewear full bodysuit. You’ll feel full coverage and full confidence, no matter what outfit you wear with the best body shaper Women's Body Shaper Girdle Crotchless Bodysuit!

Women's Body Shaper Girdle Crotchless Bodysuit



  • ✅ Knit-In Material - Our revolutionary fabric contains knit-in material for breathability and superior comfort.
  • ✅ Curves In All The Right Places - The cross back design reduces back bulges and corrects bad posture.  The U-Type design lifts your chest, supports your breasts, and keeps your body slim in all the right places. 
  • ✅ Bathroom Friendly - With convenience and comfortability in mind, we are one of the first shapers to have a revolutionary crotch gap. You can use the bathroom without having to take your shaper off and your sweet spots will always get enough air.
  • ✅ Proven Health Benefits - Endorsed by orthopedists, this shaper is proven to reduce the burden on the shoulder, improve posture, accelerate blood circulation, and improve metabolism. 
  • ✅ Open Bust Design - Our innovative open bust design makes it easy for women to wear any bra design, underwear, and clothes on top thanks to a seamless fit. Get the flattened look and visibly reduced waistline without anyone ever knowing your secret.
  • ✅ Extraordinary Comfort - Whether you're wearing it for a night out on the town or for an entire 8-hour workday, our insulated material guarantees comfort. We know the other shapewear on the market isn't comfortable, that's why we redesigned everything from scratch to give you the look and comfort!
Women's Body Shaper Girdle Crotchless Bodysuit


The shapewear bodysuit does well in TRIMMING your BODY CURVE by providing 360 degrees of FIRM CONTROL. The full body shapewear covers your midsection, tummy, waist, full back, hip, rear, and thigh so as to make sure these are in perfect control. In doing so, the shaper features in CURVING YOUR NATURAL & SEXY & ATTRACTIVE SILHOUETTE, making you the focus anywhere and anytime.

Women's Body Shaper Girdle Crotchless Bodysuit


The gorgeous open crotch design sets the USER-FRIENDLY tone for the bodysuit – you are now have the access to EASY BATHROOM USE! The erogenous open bust design helps LIFT UP YOUR BREAST, making them more EYE-CATCHY with your favorite bra(a truly CUSTOM FIT FLEXIBILITY). As for wide strap design, the very existence of it is that the Women's Body Shaper Girdle Crotchless Bodysuit is LESS LIKELY TO LEAVE MARKS on your shoulder and you won’t feel uncomfortable as well

Women's Body Shaper Girdle Crotchless Bodysuit


The quality fabrics of this woman's body shaper are HIGHLY ELASTIC, BREATHABLE, and SKIN-FRIENDLY. The fabrics tightly attach to your skin to enhance the trimming effect and build up compression, offering more control on your parts. Yet the fabrics of this girdle are so stretchy that enables you to BEND OR STRETCH your body part much as you can. The breathable fabric of the full body shaper with thigh control is also SWEAT-FREE so you can wear it DURING WORKOUT!

Women's Body Shaper Girdle Crotchless Bodysuit
Women's Body Shaper Girdle Crotchless Bodysuit